Hot Water Repair Specialists

DeceptionBay.jpgBrisbane Hot Water are your local specialists and experts for water systems in Deception Bay.

If you need help with system repairs, replacements, or services on your hot water system, we can help.

We take great pride in serving our customers with top quality advice and equipment, with experience fixing systems of all brands and types. With a wide range of hot water models and makes available, we know how each one is different and how to give you a fair price when fixing your system. Call us today!

Cold Hot Water Systems Deception Bay

Nothing is worse than a cold shower when you wanted a hot one. From electricity faults to plumbing issues or broken valves, there could be a verity of reasons why the heat is gone from your system. No matter the reason though, we’ll be able to track down the issue fast.

Overflowing Hot Water Systems Deception Bay

Water overflowing in your system? There’s a fix for that. With a range of possibilities ranging from pressure in your system to worn parts, we can track down the problem in no time. We can find the reason and fix it fast.

Leaking Hot Water Systems Deception Bay

Water leaking from your pipes can easily become costly. That’s why it’s important to us that we fix those drips as soon as we can. With a verity of tools and techniques to stop different leaks, our staff has the know-how to stop a leaky system in its tracks before it gets too expensive.

Boiling Hot Water Systems Deception Bay

How hot is too hot for your system? If your temperature regulation isn’t up to scratch, our team can help. With a verity of fixes and tools, we can get your system back to dispensing the right amount of hot water without scalding you.

If you have a leaking tank or a broken electric heater, call our qualified technicians on 3353 2022 (BRISBANE), 3353 2235 (CABOOLTURE) or 0414 724 722 (mobile) today!


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