Hot Water Repairs

Fully Licensed electrical and plumbing installation, warranty and general servicing of electric hot water systems.BRISBANE HOT WATER is the holder of an unrestricted ELECTRICIAL CONTRACTORS LICENCE . This means we can repair the entire HOT WATER ELECTRICAL SYSTEM not just the hot water unit as is the case with repairmen with a restricted licence.

We can repair your HOT WATER SYSTEM completely including Metering (off peak relays), Circuit Breakers & Fuses (switchboards), Isolators and open circuits.

Within the company we have FULL PLUMBING AND ELECTRICIAL LICENCES plus we hold Restricted Electrical and Plumbing licences, i.e.

  • Electricial licences 3812-C871-142773
  • Plumbing and gas  21637 -16177 -24121-L30030
  • QBCC Licence-1284023.

If your hot water system:

  • Leaks
  • Boils
  • Overflows
  • Goes cold

Then phone us NOW for good advice and immediate service from BRISBANE to CABOOLTURE

Call Today :

Northside:    07 3353 2022
Caboolture:  07 3353 2235


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