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Everhot hot water systems are famous for their breadth of styles, sizes and price points, and this makes them an especially popular system for residents of Brisbane. In our nearly 35 years of experience, we at Brisbane Hot Water have installed and serviced countless numbers of these units. We’re experts in Everhot hot water repairs, and we will arrive on the scene prepared for a variety of contingencies. Your serviceman will be fully licensed to carry out electrical and plumbing repairs, and the service van will be fully stocked with all the spare parts needed to quickly and economically remedy your hot water problems.

Whether you’re having problems with leaks, boils, overflows or the water is just running cold, we can turn your situation around. You’ll appreciate our commitment to correctly diagnosing your problem. Why replace an Everhot hot water system in Brisbane when all that’s needed is a quick and affordable repair? In our experience servicing water heaters in Brisbane and its suburbs, we’ve found that it’s rare for a repair job to cost more than $200. In fact, most cost quite a bit less. However, in the event that a full-on replacement is what your house needs, we’ll see to it that everything is complete within 24 hours. Hot water is difficult to do without, and the last thing that anyone wants is to wait any longer than they have to. If yours is running cold, contact Brisbane Hot Water today for an accurate diagnosis and timely service or replacement.


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