Hot Water North Lakes

Hot Water Repair Specialists

If you have a faulty hot water system in North Lakes, Brisbane Hot Water is just a call away. With over 30 years’ experience, we can offer repairs on heaters that have gone bust, or replace parts from our warehouse full of the top hot water system brands in Brisbane.

We take great pride in caring for your system, and ensure all our employees have full electrical contractor licenses for optimal service.

With hot water systems using electronics to run to their best capacity, we know how important it is to get someone out to you with the right qualifications and experience for the best price. Contact us today!

Overflowing Hot Water Systems

An overflowing system isn’t a working system. From small overflows to big overflows, we can find the reason and fix it fast. Our staff will be able to stop your flow and replace any parts that have been giving you trouble.

Leaking Hot Water Systems

Dripping keeping you awake at night? It could be more than just water leaking out of your system. Leaks from pipes and joins can easily grow from an annoyance into a big expensive issue. That’s why it’s important to us that we fix it for the best price possible, leaving you to rest easy with no drips.

Boiling Hot Water Systems

Systems bubbling and troubling? We can inspect and fix on-site. When a system is overheating or boiling, there could be a verity of reasons that only one of our trained staff members can identify. We can find a fix that won’t burn you and your family, and won’t put a sting on your wallet either.

Cold Hot Water Systems

A cold shower got you down? We can help. There could be a verity of reasons your hot tap is running cold, from valves to pipes to even the system’s electrical circuit.

Our fully-trained staff will have the knowledge and experience to find out why your hot water is running cold. Servicing North Lakes and surrounding suburbs we are here to help.

We offer fast, reliable, professional service. Have an emergency? Need a repair? Call us today on 3353 2022 (BRISBANE), 3353 2235 (CABOOLTURE) or 0414 724 722 (mobile) today!


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